Not nice but… realistic

Hmmm! Well! The article is in French but the cover of the magazine don’t need translation. I must admit that the image is a bit… well… explicit… if I can say but it renders well the actual problem of the catholic chuch. Maybe it will triggers other victims to pop out… not necessarely christians, and hopefully give back to religions their true spirituality and get rid of the ugly humanity.

The title of the article, Kirche heute means the Today’s church. What is happening with our religions? Are the “priests” and “reverends” and officiants” and “Ayatollas” and all those other titles floating around not supposed to be infused with God’s essence and be “saints like”? And many of them–a big many, I must say–have the audacity to tell you that if you pray God with all your faith but are not in a church or in a temple, God will not ear you… or that you are too a miserable little worm for God to hear what you have to say and you must pay the “priest” (or whatever name…) for him to transmit your prayers to Him, otherwise…

Here is the link to go and see it. Hope it will work as I have to see how to get a proper link on the pages. If it is not working please, leave me a comment and I will put the article and the image on this blog as I saved it on my desktop… of course 😀

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