Water boarding of senior citizen…

I hesitated long before posting this entry on my blog but finally, I took the decision to do it. Now, it is going way too far and people have to know. I decided to speak… for the sake of my dear friend, all the other seniors who are without a voice and on GIS… and for me also. I still have many years before my pension but I certainly don’t want to live, alone, what my friend is passing through right now… so here it is!

How come our government is using all kind of moneys against our senior citizens, making them stressed, anxious, sick and powerless? When you contact ministers of the government for help you are rejected, they refuse to help you saying that their employees are doing their good job. Where is their accountability? How many hundred of thousands of dollars of your taxes are they spending in abusing our senior citizens as they try to search if they didn’t gave them a couple of hundreds of dollars more during the year, accusing the seniors of criminal intent if they are living on the lowest level of revenue with their GIS?

What can we do, as canadian citizens, to know what is happening and to make them understand that they are our “servant” and that they have to stop treating us as their ignorant slaves and nullities.

Here is a story—shortened as it is a long saga—that is happening right now to a friend of mine as well as to many seniors in Canada. It can happen to you, to your parents, to your friends, to your neighbors if you or they are receiving GIS. Nobody is sheltered from them. Are we slowly becoming a police state like in the 1984 novel? It is frightening when you see what they are doing and how they are doing it. So cold and inhuman!
I have a friend who is 71 years old. A nice man who will give his last shirt… a heart big like the world. This man came and help me to get out of an apartment where I was sickened by sewer gases emanations and where my x-landlady was extremely violent and aggressive. She was “breaking and entry” in my apartment every times I was not there with her clients, neighbors, boy-friends, other renters, etc… to show them my belongings. She took photos of my belongings after having messing them up, wrote discriminative notes on them and was/and still distributing them around. She was/and still slanders me, lying brazenly about me. She is creating false evidences to present to Court and still defy the Court who had ordered her to pay me compensation on November 2008… I am still waiting to be paid and had to put a lien on her house. She sent me other papers last week to go to Court in Victoria at the end of this month as she created “new” false evidences to contest, for the third time, the Court Order. This is on and on like the pink rabbit for 19 months now.
She is afraid, I think, as I know a lot about her and her many boy friends and also, and this is the worst (I will talk about this in another entry) about her violent abuse to the dogs she is grooming (have a recording of one of these sessions).
So, this friend help me to get out of there and she just screamed at him—and I have recording of this—that she will ruin his life and put him on the street. So, she contacted the pension office and told them bold lies and saying he was abusing the system by having his pension at his age (???). Government jumped on his like famished Rottweiller on a juicy bone. They started an “investigation”… which can be OK BUT… they also cut completely his guarantied supplement without a reason and even though he gave them all the information they asked for, under oath. They refused to talk to him or to contact him besides sending him invasive questionnaires on his private life on personal stuff that is not of their business. These questionnaires were so invasive of his right and freedom that I wonder why they didn’t asked him how many times he was going to pee per days.
Now, 12 months later, he is still without his GIS, live with nothing, have his bills cumulating and his credit card maxed up, can’t feed himself properly and is now sick due to the high stress and anxiety.

I have now to take care of him as he can’t stay alone with very high blood pressure, dizziness and great unbalance, vertigo-like.
But, government don’t give a dam about this, isn’t it? I learn, in the process, that my friend is not the only one in this situation. What is happening to our government?
Ms Finley and Ms Le Breton took millions out of our tax bucket to finance a huge campaign on Senior’s abuse with millions of beautiful glossy brochures and emotional TV adds… but they are the first ones to abuse the seniors. What can a senior do to defend himself and have his voice heard when confronting such bullyism from his own government?
Mesdames Finley and LeBreton blatantly refused to help my friend. What can a poor old man/woman can do against such a machine? Seniors, at least many of them, have no voice. They have built what is here now, without them we would not be here and our government just treat them as if they were just a number followed by some tiny $ signs. Seniors are not human but just an old fart who is expected to leave this world as soon as possible so government will save money. How horrific! Did we really elected those inhuman people?
I just wonder how many of these seniors who were/are under these “investigations” died before their time of a heart attack from stress and anxiety? How many are now handicapped or paralyzed by a stroke triggered by high blood pressure caused by stress and anxiety? How many live in misery, feeding themselves only with crackers, Lipton soup and Kraft dinners because they can’t afford—after a lifetime of hard work—to feed themselves properly while under these years’ long “investigations where they barely have 700$ per month to live on, pay their rents, utilities, transportations, medications, food and else? How many suicide themselves because they didn’t have the strength to fight for surviving and were hopeless?
No, there is no help out there. Oh! Yes! there is beautiful people that are trying to help… huge thank you to them… but they can’t go very far as their power is just an illusion.
MP you said? Let me laugh! We contacted the MP of the area where he live and this guy refused to go further in the file and even told us that if he help my friend, the pension office might just erase my friend from their files as a “vengeance”. Isn’t it terrible?
My friend, at his age, have now his little credit card max up and is stress beyond beliefs to see his credit moffed and is waiting, impatiently, to be paid the retroactive to clear up his debts. But… will it happen? I don’t know as he received a letter last week, 12 months after, that they now, it seems, want to get back to 2004 to see if they would not be able to recuperate moneys from him. He never fraud the government and was doing all his income taxes… what a way to treat honest citizens!
For them, your are guilty, whatever you say, and they just gnaw our elders to death!
Wake up, Canadian! Together we can do something!

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