Finally… Muntadhar al-Zaidi’ s attitude is similar to mine… just a bit more public 😀

I am also fighting for my friend who is bullied by our government who cut his pension for no reason for more than a year now. Fighting against a government who think he is all mighty and can do whatever they want to elders and others without impunity. I think I will contact the medias. Things have to move forward to save my friend’s life and the one of the others.

I am continuing my battle also against this groomer lady who slandered me and assassinated my character, who brutalise violently the dogs she grooms, who bullied and nastily lied and destroyed the life of my friend. She was ordered by the Court to pay me compensation… 20 months ago. She raised her middle finger to the judge and refused to pay me. I had to put a lien on her house. Now, she convoked me in Court for the 3rd time to ask the judge to annull the Court Order already judged 2 times. She sent more letters of slanders and a letter implicating a perjury from somebody who was at the origin of this story… or is this letter really from him? Another fraud from this person probably as I am sure that this man would not have perjured himself as he is pretty honest… I think. Not very complicated for somebody to scan a signature from a document and copy/paste it at the end of a fabricated letter. That can go far in Court, isn’t it?

I am looking forward that my book is finished and published. It will make a pretty darn good movie but… finding the actress who will fit this crazy character will be a challenge 😀

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