Healthy choice? / Choix Santé?

Here is an excerpt of a text at

Yes, it seems to have nice sponsors in the midst of the bad ones… but why allowing the bad ones? When you read that they want to create awareness of women’s cancers–I would say cancers in general–and the impact of toxic exposure and to promote awareness for healthy choices to prevent diseases… WOW! KFC is surely not the good sponsors with their huge campaign with pink buckets. It is frightening, people…. Wake up dammit… Go on their site… and download their list of ingredients. Read it carefully and write back to me your comments if you find this “healthy”. Loads of chemicals, preservatives… tons of MSG, let alone bleached flours, sugars, corn syrups, salts, bad oils, OGM soya by the bushell, etc…

You call that a healthy choice?

Wrong choice Komen! What else do you have in your back pocket as hidden sponsors camouflaged under flashy names? Big Pharmas? Tobacco industries? Or maybe weapons manufacturers??????

It is a farce but the problem is… no pun intended… we are the turkeys they want to stuff!

…Designed to create awareness of women’s cancers and the impact of toxic exposure in everything from clothing, cosmetics and cleaning supplies, the event was a terrific moment, especially as our industry faces more and more big money crossroads over how to combine passion while growing profits.

Created in partnership with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure , the event was both a fundraiser, an opportunity to promote awareness of how healthy choices can help prevent disease, as well as aid those currently dealing with cancer or other illnesses…

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