The Right to Speak…

Well! It seems that somebody doesn’t want me to speak, isn’t it? It is really terrible to be caught in the web of a violent bully, one who doesn’t seems caring too much about truth. This person is creating lies, new ones all the time, and she is so good at it that people surrounding her believe it.
Looking forward they will all realize that they were used as a weapon to destroy me because I know too much on her. She is in fear I speak and destroy her soooo nice facade. I was not about to speak but now, I will.
I will not go as low as she went. I will not name her publicly like she did with me, but I will speak and say what happened, in details. And most of it, I will campaign against dog’s abuse in the hands of groomers.
Yes, I know! There is very, very good groomers who are loving beings. But we shouldn’t close our eyes and think that they are all good. I met several who were awful, violent and inconsiderate about the suffering of the dogs they groom.
The last week’s burst of hate and slandering messages and threats on my Facebook and e-mail were — I deduced from some wording on those hate messages — provoked because she went to Court and asked for a Default Hearing, which was given to her even though all my papers were sent in time and in the hand of the Court. What happened? I really don’t know but… it happened that I phoned at the same moment. I presume that after looking at my file, the judge realized his error and reversed his decision and didn’t granted the Default Hearing, which put her in a rage when she received the letter on the 13, which triggered these insulting and slandering and threatening messages, the same evening.
Hmmm! I might be wrong, but it is too coïncindental.
Anyway! I named nobody and gave no clues on who the person is except that she is a groomer. If people came on my personal site and recognized her, it is because they know what she did and agree to bully me to support her lies. They have no business to aggress me and continue her violence and defamation of character. If they would just realized that, what she is doing to me, she is doing it to them when their back is turned. I wish that, one day, they will open their eyes before it is too late.
I have 2 huge binders of slandering papers from her as well as defaming letters from people I don’t even know, where my name — as well as my friend’s one — is displayed besides discriminatory defamations. 2 huge binders of destructive lies, calumnies, assassination of characters, discrimination, etc…
She even accuses me of witchcraft because I have a peaceful Buddha on my altar, then I knew that something is frighteningly wrong with this person!

I have the Human Right to say the Truth
I have the Human Right to Speak
I have the Human Right to Write
And for the sake of all bullies’ victims
And for the sake of all elders abused by people like her or governments
And for the sake of all pets abused in the hands of their groomers
I will not shut up
I will not crawl
I will fight
Because I know what happened during those 3 months ½ I lived there
Because I know what I saw
Because I know what I heard
Because I know why she wants to discredit me
Because I know why she wants to destroy me
Because I know that I am not the only one who is living through this kind of ordeal
I will be a voice for the ones who have no voice
I will join the ranks of the ones who fight for the same purpose, to have laws who protect the victims of bullyism, harassment, discrimination and violence.

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