Elders Abuse, Love you Mickey Rooney

Well! I am back! Long time away from my blog but… I had some vision problems and had some surgeries. Now, it is better even though I have to wait healing to take place. Vision from near is taking a lot of rehabilitation and it is a big bit frustrating but… hey… still a whole world better than it was in between October and February.

Here is the English translation of the blog I wrote in French, few days ago:

I really admire Mickey Rooney. At last, somebody well known speaks out a truth nobody wants to hear about elders’ abuse. Hope that more people will come and help him… and me :), in this quest.

Yes! There is terrible abuse and bullyism from families, care givers, etc… but there is also another insidious one that nobody or so knows about (or don’t want to know about)… Abuse from our own government.

In French and in English, spoke persons give talks full of emotion, government’s web site well structured to bring a strong message, colourful brochures with punch-up words and TV adds that nest a little booger of revolt in a corner of our heart… but… what the government doesn’t say is that he is the first on the top of the list for abusing elders. Hmmmm! I would like to know how many tens of millions from the taxpayer money this “campaign” cost us, since beginning of 2009?

I witnessed old people suddenly deprived of their pension, without a reason. I saw a lot of old ones forced to go eat at the Salvation Army kitchen, as they have no money for food. I know about many who shiver under the winter winds and icy rain and my heart bleeds to see them searching for a quiet and dry spot in a park to sleep for few hours before police comes and expulses them.

All that for what reason? Because the government is doing “enquiries”, trying to recuperate moneys on the back of those who build our country. I know about a particular case where a sick minded woman phoned the pension office and told a story because she wanted to destroy the life of this 72 years old gentleman. She was angry at him because he refused – in the midst of other things like working like a slave for her without being payed – to give her his money. Pension office never questioned and immediately cut a big part of his pension. Two years now that this old man is living in misery and anxiety with a “revenue” way lower than the minimum judged adequate by the government… while waiting that the pension office finish its enquiry.

It is unacceptable!

When I researched at M.P.s offices and at elders’ associations, I was breath taken to see how many seniors live in misery, famish, sick and anxious, not able to buy good food or medicine for themselves because some government agents – who call themselves, pompously, investigators – cut their already meagre pittance on assumptions while refusing the elder his fundamental right to speak and defend himself, which is against the law and our Charter.. if it still mean something.

What is happening with our society? Why do we let our government doing this to these men and women who are also our parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts or simply neighbours or friends? These people had work hard all their life and now they are condemn to finish their life in abject poverty.

I would like to know how many of them died of hunger, abandonment and despair? How many killed themselves? How many are now in hospitals, sickened by overwhelming stress?

How many tears of desolation and discouragement would it take before somebody react and do something?

When an elder is stuck in the government’s spider web, cyclopean walls surround him. Nobody can or want to help them…no elder’s associations (as they don’t want to jeopardize the subventions they receive from the same government), no MPs who just shudder and coldly say that pension office do their job, and no lawyers who refuse to move their butts as there is no money to make in helping an old fart with a miserable pension.

Medias talk a lot about the baby-boomers nowadays. A lot of them have no private pension or REER as their salary was just enough to survive. What will happen? Continue to work up to the moment the tired sparkle of life that animate them will faint and die? They will not be able to leave their job to the youth searching for employment if they want to have enough to pay for a decent funeral and a bit of food in between. And I would not be surprise if, one day, somebody start a campaign saying to the young that they don’t have money for education because government have to pay for seniors’ pensions. Then what? Will we see the elimination of a part of our population as soon as they become non-productive like in a second category science-fiction movie?

Oh! And I forgot… do you know that, when you go over the hill and enter in the senior’s world, you don’t have any right to private life anymore – government thinks. If you have good friends, they could be exposed to have their private life investigated, their personal bank accounts gone through by ministries that have no rights to do it, their Facebook checked and under surveillance, their shelters probed with Google Earth and Google Street, and being slandered? Frightening, isn’t it? It is true… I have proofs of it, sadly.

Big Brother got his eyes on everybody… even old people.

I want to do something for them, stop this madness as, one day, everyone of us will be… old.

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