Just wonder what is happening in United States these days? Wasn’t it supposed to be the “Land of the Free”? And with a Constitution that preserved the Freedom of Speech and all the goodies?

In 2 days, the whole world is now threaten to be sent to those FEMA camps (polite word for concentration camps) if they dare say something against US government stupidities or question their integrity. It is not a law, yet.. but… You think that, because you are in Canada or in Europe you’ll be safe? Not if I believe what I read… meaning… is our respective governments will continue to slavishly eat in the States hands and give them permission to come in our country to arrest the ones who speak the truth and question wrongdoings? Go see this video to have a glimpse of what it is about:

Then, this morning, this other news:

A law that is erasing years and years of fighting for justice and put back people in the ’20s and before the industrial revolution. Many of american people’s who fought and win this important step might just cry if they are still alive or bounce in their graves. How can a government who is caring for his people can allow this to happen or just think about implementing such law? Oh! It is just in Wisconsin, you’ll say! But I bet that this will just run like grass fire and soon, all the States will adopt this infamy.

And then… the famous Codex. No more vitamins and supplements and you will have to take what the government say. So, if — for example —  to be well and healthy you need 5,000iu of vitamine D3 but the government say… you will have only 400iu of a different and inneficient D form… so be it. Good? I don’t think so!

Oh! And this other one where they want to forbid people to have a vegetable garden and to forbid to grow thyme and other herbs (which can heal infections and flues and else) and force people — in the mean time — to buy only the Monsanto’s GMO seeds which is damaging our DNA.

Geee! When you put everything together, it is frightening. We are suposed to evolve, isn’t it? It is looking more like de-volution to me the way it is going,  back to Middle-Age where you had to obey the lords like slaves and had your tongue cut if you dared murmur a word.

Awake people before going back to the Cro-Magnon era! Ya right! I exagerated a bit with the Cro-Magnon stuff… uuhhhhh… did I?

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