Government shut down?

Government shut down! Personnally I found this a joke!

United States are everywhere in the world, they have their militaries sprawling in all countries, they are “at war” all the time, they spend hundreds on millions of dollars in weapons dropped on people heads and in war planes every day or so, they are spending billions in making and developping more atrocious and barbaric weapons and more billions for their military stuff. They are the country who spend the most for military purpose in all the world….

BUT…. a big pourcentage of their people is living is poverty, they are loosing their house to the hands of the bank cartel, they can’t afford to buy food, they loose their jobs, children have no food in their tummies, they have huge problems with violence, their is humongous cuts in health cares and education where the level of knowledge of their students is extremely low on the international list, their elders (the one who built this country) are starving…etc…

Why are these billions upon billions are not invested in their own people… for their health and wealth and happiness… instead of destroying other people countries under whatever pretext? That would be so great for americans, isn’t it?

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