Do you know about Music Police?

Do you know that, if you have a store/restaurant or other business, your can’t play music from your own CDs? You can have the visit of the so called “music police” and you can be fined…

As a writer, I understand copyright, of course but, there is some limits somewhere. When a disc is rightfully bought, you can play it… maybe not outside in a fair which use the tunes to gather people (that I would understand) but in your own store to just have a background music? They say that this music is bringing clients in the restaurant well… people are not coming in the restaurant for the music but for the food and if the food is crapy… even though the music is nice… clients will not come.

Please Canada, give your head a shake!

Then it is said, and I quote: “Simple, says the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN), a “not-for-profit” agency that is authorized by the Copyright Board of Canada to collect royalties on behalf of its members: song writers and publishers.”

Few questions on that one.

First, the moneys collected are going in the pocket of this so-called “not-for-profit Society” not in the one of the writer… the writer of this song or the singer will never ever see the color of this money.Their employes are surely not unpaid volunteers.

Second… I would be a musician, I would appreciate somebody playing my music in a restaurant or a store because people would like and ask who is singing, been showed my CD and would go buy my CD and I would make money on it. I, me … not this so-called society who keep the moneys in their pockets and make money on my music without me being able to get a dime from it.

Anyway, when music are played at the radio or on those boring already made CDs played in malls or on phone lines or in public areas (discotheques, bars, etc…) is the royalties are going directly to the musician/singer or to this “Society”?

I don’t consider playing music in a public area like a simple restaurant or a small store as an infringment on the copyright but more as a publicity for the singer’s work and diffusion of his/her existence in the music world.

It is said that SOCAN employed 300 people… well, these 300 people are paid with the royalties of the singers and writers, isn’t it?… and surely don’t go back entirely in the singer/author/writer/musician’s pockets.

Or is all that a gigantic scam?

Here is the link for the article:

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