Now a Crime to Protect Muslim Girls From Rape in Europe?

Flabbergasting! I can’t believe it! Is it for real or is it a bad dream? So, now it is racism to go after rapists if they are muslims? And soon,  it will  be all rapists? I can’t believe that a governemnt, now, in the 21st century, will go against the most basic torture and allow rapists… what ever there race or religion… to just be free to rape any girls and women they want…Is this a religion of respect, kindness and love? I don’t think so… it is sick and twisted!

So, if they can rape without impunity… they will be allowed to rape any women… muslims or not.

Come on, women! Stand up, whatever your country and religion. We are going back to Middle-Age, to the Dark Ages!

So, no legalisation for pot but legalisation of rape???? Where is our freedom of speech? Only in our cries of despair?

This article made me sick in my stomach!

2 thoughts on “Now a Crime to Protect Muslim Girls From Rape in Europe?

  1. I think, I hope, that most men would support your indignation over this one. Women should not be subjected to shit like that just because they’re women.

  2. I agree with you at 300%. Like you, I hope that most men will support my indignation over this — and more important, support all women — and that it will awake some neurones in those who stopped thinking somewhere during their evolution. I hope, for our civilization that it will finally evolve toward great things as, for the moment, it looks pretty … euh… should I say…. frightening.

    Thank you for your comment and your support, rbhatch!

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