Today’s World

I wasn’t able to publish this image without presenting it to my English friends. Just a little translation and the image will do the rest. An image worth 1,000 words, isn’t it?

I liked very much this image and I ferociously stole it from my cousin’s FB page 🙂  It is representing so well today’s world. I hope it will bring a wake up call to the ones who are not quite awaken yet. People are there, looking at all what is happening around them and… do nothing. They are just observers. Maybe are they conditionned by television where you are far from to be interactive with what is happening out there and around you?

So, my friends… get off your duff, put your pants on, walk out on the street and do something. Grab this hand and help the ones who need you, shout, cry, yell, do something. Get out from the flock of sheepos. Wake up, my friends, wake up!

P.S.: The title of this article is the transaltion of what is written on the image.

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