Soldier killed 16 civilians

How nice! Geeee… take them all out of there before they become all crazy and massacre more innocent people

I don’t know what are your thoughts on that but… with “incidents” like this, I understand very well why the people are rebelling, why they are taking weapons against americans… put yourself at their place, just for few minutes… forget what had been told to you, forget your hatred, re-become human for a moment… what if you come back home, one day, and some armed invadors had entered your house and killed your precious mom, your dad, your young brothers, raped and killed your little sisters and beloved wife and massacre your 5 kids…. what would you do? Enter the despair of their hearts. You will do exactly like them… howl your despairation, rage and pain and then, go to the first resistance group and take weapons against the invadors… In Europe, we did that against the german… it was called Le Maquis… remember? But then … it was OK… so why is it not Ok for those people? Because they are not of the same religion? Same nationality? What is the difference in between them and us?

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