The End of the World as we know it!

What a frightening article but, at the same time, showing us the real goal of the american president and the ones who control him. So, if I understand well, they want to put their hands one all the possessions of american people as well as the people themselves!

Everything that is part of your life now will become illegal… having a garden, collecting rain water, growing fine herbs and medicinal herbs… they will have the right to come and seize your food staches, your water, your electricity if you are on alternative power, your bank account, your RSP and pensions and even your kids piggy banks, your car, your house. They will have the right to seize all construction material, all infrastructure… gas, propane, heating oil… nothing is left untouched.

Not one iota has been left alone…. except maybe, for the moment, the right to breathe. If you don’t agree, remember that there is detention camps all over your country. But what is frightening is that your president want to implement that stupid American Union that nobody wants, forcing Canadians and Mexicans into this folly so…. and for Europeans… you are not safe neither if your president or prime minister is eating in the hands of the american’s one.

They have also, now, these stupid devices that will be used against population. Beside the taser, they have now a “canon” that is stopping people to speak and this other one they proudly presented last week (see article on my FB page), the heat wave canon which is sending intense burning sensation all over the body (and can also burn skin) and can control and repel crouds.

They wants also to force enlist american citizens into army… the next step will be what? Take your children and place them into a reform school and brainwash them like Hitler did with the brown shirts?

Every mean now will be considered as a mental disease or terrorist attitude. Now, if you are paying your coffee with change or cash, you might be a terrorist or if you arrive tired to work in the morning… and other sign that you can be a terrorist and they ask population to denounce those potential bad persons…. yeah!!!! and if you are reading the ingredients lists before purchasing something or if you are strict on eating healthy food, are raw foodist/vegan or vegetarian, you have a mental disease and could be forced to take medication.

Wake up, people before it is too late! Wake up before they start a blood bath, before they start the 3rd WW!

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