Do they really think they will shut up people? That people and journalists will just be sheepos and crawlers?

They want YOU to NOT KNOW you are eating contaminated food.

They want these companies to continue to sell contaminated crap to you.

They just want $$$ in their pockets and they do not give a damn about your health.

They want you to not be aware of diseases around your living place so YOU CAN’T protect yourself or your children.

Is it what we really want from our government? They are invading our privacy more and more everyday… will we continue to let them do? With this and the law 78… they want to have complete control over us, complete control about our life and liberties and freedom…. and the only right we will have — if we let them do — will be the right of a slave population, a population of robots.

WAKE UP… while it still time

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