An asteroid crash gave Earth water? Really?

Why is water would have to come from elsewhere? And the water from this elsewhere came from where? Another elsewhere? So, where the water came from the first elsewhere?

I am surely not talking from a religious point of view and I am far from to be a creationist  but what I questioned is all those “theories”. They might be kind of scientific but not always logic.

It is OK to have a virus or a bacteria coming embedded in a meteorite or an asteroid but water? How can an asteroid brings all that gizzigizillion tons of water in one shot? And water is not reproducing like a virus. Oh! You will say the evaporation creating clouds and creating rain… OK! But… to have clouds and to have rain, you need to have the right environment already (and if you already have the right environment, why would you not already have water), you need the right constituents on the planet to keep this water from evaporating, you need an atmosphere, a canopy of some sort, you need the right components, you need the right amount of oxygen and hydrogen, etc… and all of this is not coming just from an asteroid crashing somewhere on the planet. On the contrary. An asteroid of this size would have damaged the canopy, brought more chaos in a world in formation or maybe already formed. It would have disrupted everything.

To fill our planet with all that water or with enough water to create a drastic change in the constitution of our planet, the asteroid should have been so big and sooo heavy that it would have destroy, shattered Earth to pieces.

Or maybe it was just a gigantic intelligent water bubble wandering in the universe in a quest of finding a planet to pee on.

It is good to lay unusual theories and I have nothing against originality and weird stuff — on the contrary — but you need to keep linked to reality and to faisability unless you take these theories and write scienfiction/fantasy adventures.

So, I am looking forward to hear more about this new theory!

Artist rendering of this asteroid impact




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