What is wrong in this pattern?

Might not be a completely new one but I found this video on YouTube. Title: Mocking Jesus on Israeli TV.

Well! So, if I understand well this process, the jews are allowed to mock Jesus publicly, to consider all the non-jew living beings on Earth as useless and to genocide palestinians and all this is OK, but if somebody look at them a bit with a dark eye or a with mumbling tongue, that poor guy is called an anti-semite.

And if somebody say something against the muslim prophet Mahomet — even though they could be right — than their is howling, yelling, bombs and murders all over the world. But, if something as ugly as this video is on the web against somebody else religious or sacred personna, nobody react.

Hear me well, I am not a Christian neither than a Muslim but I just ask myself a lot of questions here and what happened these last days just reafirm my theory that religions and religious beliefs are the very base of wars. And it is so sad.

Many caricatures and wrong saying has been published against Buddha, Indian deities, Christian deities, etc… and no wars were started because of this so what is the problem?

I tried to download this video on my page here but it doesn’t work so, here is the link:




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