5.7 millions $$/30 millions $$$ for a dress???

WOW! I am flabbergasted! 5.7 millions $ for a dress covered by rare black diamonds! Gasp! And they talk about the 30 millions $ for this other one with diamonds. I think it is insane! OK! I agree, these people have money… good for them but why spending 30 millions for a dress? Is that 30 millions could have gone somewhere else?

Can you just imagine what could be done with this amount of money? If those precious ladies just forget for a moment about spending ridiculous amount of money on a dress and “share” these $$ with people in needs? How many people these dresses would feed and help hundreds of thousands of people to eat and have a shelter over their head or how many people would be able to work because a tiny part of this money helped them to start a little business or how many children — little genius whose parents are poor — would be able to study and succeed in life or how many sick people would be able to heal or at least get better or have their life easier…

I found it is insane, indecent to spend this amount of money just for showing of the bank account. And this is just the dress… as with the dress you can’t just wear a simple 500,000$ necklace or a cheap 800,000$ diamond ring or a puny 7,000$ sandal, isn’t it?


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