Abandon Afghan Baby Found by Soldiers

This article caught my attention this morning and I started to read the comments. I was pleased of some nice comments but I was a bit shocked to see how many people are negative, full of hate and judgemental, how many don’t think for and by themselves but follow the brainwashing that medias and governments flood on the american people.

Many people in these comments accuse the mom but do we really know for sure why the mom left her baby there? A mom is a mom, whatever her nationality and she would not have done that without a reason if it is really her who put the little one there.

Maybe she put it there because she heard the soldiers coming; maybe she was hiding behind rumbles checking to be sure they saw the little one. Anyway, who are we to judge her. We don’t know her reason and her life. Maybe she died giving birth and somebody put the baby there to have the soldiers or somebody taking her. If the person who did that wanted the baby to be dead, they would not have wrapped her in a towel and not have put her on the road to be seen. They would just have let her to die hidden in the ruins strewn all around.

We had and still have a lot of women in our countries who abandon their babies, isn’t it? Many in churches or hospitals or orphenages or even on the street in garbage bags so, what is different?

The Afghan people — as well as several other countries in Middle East — are suffering tremendously. These people are like us.They love and they cry, they work hard and they have big dreams of peace and bright future, they love their wife/husband/children.

OK! They don’t have the same religion as you and their “god” is saying pretty violent things but… have you read your bible with all this violence and battles and killings and murdering of babies your “god” asked his people and angels to do? Have you read your history books to see all the miseries and killing and atrocious tortures your religion has done just because somebody didn’t have the exact same point of view as the pope or the priests? And should we talk about the cases of pedophilia and beating in schools? Well… nobody is perfect, isn’t it? But it seems that it is human to see the straw in other peopl eye but not seeing the big 10×10 beam in ours,
They have fear and hate, like us and until the day we all realize they are humans with emotions exactly like us, there will be hate and wars. People can have different ways of life, they might not eat like you or have the same way to do something but that doesn’t mean they are not human. Those people are bombed, killed, have everything they have destroyed, they come back home after work to find their home to the ground, their families killed, they see the bodies of their children dismantled and full of blood, they hold their little dead bodies in their arms and you expect them to be happy, serene and non-violent?

Come on, people, wake up and give your head a shake.

Oh! By the way, I am very happy that the little girl found a nice home and wonderful loving parents in her country. Wish her a beautiful life and hope she and her new parents will be protected from the drones bombs.


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