5 Billion $$$ for Army New Camouflages?

WOW! It doesn’t stop, isn’t it? After the many millions for the dresses yesterday now it is 5 billions spent over 8 years for camouflages… and it seems that it is not enough and they are redoing everything again.

5 billions… I can’t believe it.

Yesterday’s dresses were from private money but this… it is out of your taxes… and the american government says that they don’t have money for helping their own people… but spent 5 billions just for a portion of the suits which, it seems, cost hundreds of millions per year.

So… the heck with health stuff for the population, for education, for housing, for environment, for youth and for elders… we are just about to spend another 5 billions for a new wardrobe for our soldiers!


I think that it is an insult to american people intelligence…

But another thing I can’t fathom is the kind of reflexions — at least a big part of them — in the comments. Are people really that numb and dumb? Frightening!


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