The Big B Word!

Bullying is a big word now. About time it is brought forth and talk about. Bullying is everywhere but was everywhere for a long time also.

I remember, when I was at school, I was so small and frail for my age and had thick glasses. Oh! Are the teachers’ nasty remarks and name calling  hurt me to the deepest. I had no friends for say as nobody wanted to befriend somebody who was not in the teacher’s good book. The problem is that I was good at school, I was reading a lot and knew more than I should but was always told to shut up in front of the class. Class comrads also teased me nastily, pushed me in the corner. I was often tripped to the floor when the teacher asked me to go to the blackboard as I had to walked down in between the row of desks. And this is just a tiny, teenie little part of what my life had been surrounded by bullies.

Recently — 4 years ago — I had been violently attacked and bullied by a pugnacious and fierce sociopath (with a big pinch of psychopathy) landlady because I saw the nasty things she was doing in her life and the abuse to the dogs she is grooming. She was in fear I talk. She wanted everybody to see only the show off she was acting every day as the precious loving, caring, honest, pure and mourning character she was acting. Only 3 months I lived there, 3 months of hell where — at the end — I almost died… twice.

And more recently, I witnessed the so dear canadian government’s bullying of elders. I saw elders deprived of half of their pension just based on the bad mouthing of a crazy person who viciously lied for a vengeance. Pension cut, big trauma to an elder who worked hard all his life to arrived at 74 years old to be bullied, abused and left to live in misery for the last years of his life with not even enough money to pay for a shabby-bed bugs ridden bachelor. I saw elders forced to live in parks even in winter, to sleep on a park bench, to beg for food at the street kitchen or for some pennies on the corner of a wind-battered street corner. It is a pity! This “Integrity department” should be itself investigated. They are the worst bully, rude, abusing… nobody can talk to them and when they have a prey in their fangs, they don’t let it go until the ol’ fart dies. They are like a starving Pitbull on a juicy bone. So sad! And nobody is there to help. Nobody can help as they have the “right” to shut up everybody. The elder is accused without even the right to speak up and if he speak up, he is then squashed to the ground. Freedom of speech? They surely don’t know what it is and will not allow it to their target. They are the tormentors and they enjoy their power trip to the end!

“Integrity Departments” are the real terrorists we have to fear as they are heartless, inhumane, rough, merciless, pitiless, careless. They hoover over everybody else, untouchable like if they have diplomatic immunity. They are Police state in the Canadian Pension Ministry and spread fear and terror with great delight! What a shame!

Who can help? Why nobody do anything? Hundred of millions is spent every year for 4 years now, on a “Stop Elder’s Abuse” campaign. Beautiful glossy brochures in French and English, full page ads in the newspapers from one ocean to the other, emotional videos on TV all over Canada, spoke persons rendering powerful and heart wrenching messages, but nothing is done really, and this abuse campaign is, finally, for everybody else but the government. They are the one who abuse the elders and the public but nobody have the right to say something. So, they continue to pay hundreds of millions with our tax money on this campaign which drives nowhere.

But also, what is bewildering me is… there is absolutely no help and no justice for the bully’s victims. The victims are victimized more and more up to the end and many times, the victim get sick or just take his/her life in despair, to end the pain and the suffering. And then… everybody pay attention — just for a nano-moment — and uproar a tiny bit, just enough to float on the newspaper’s pages or on a Facebook page for a day or two and then all return to their little cozy life, not caring more than that about the next victim.

Nobody care, really. Certainly not the government neither than the “justice” system. Victims are like ghosts, invisible to everybody but suffering pin and needles every seconds of their life. They can suffer, cry, yell, try to speak, write, hurt, be sick and die… they can be young, middled-age or old… it is not important as nobody care… they are invisible and this is the saddest part.

For 4 years, I fought for myself to have justice rendered. For almost 4 years, this old gentleman fought to have his dignity back. Nobody is there and nobody care. All those associations who are receiving government’s grants, who claim to be there for you are just smoking screens… they do nothing besides sending you elsewhere, very far from their office. Lawyers want nothing to do with you as there is no money to be make on your insignificant case, as for the MP’s… well… this is a joke. What are they there for, finally… besides the pay cheque and the title? And try to go to the Discrimination board, this is ridiculous.

So where a victim could go? Who is there to help, really help? Oh! I know… write about it, you’ll say. You are a writer so, write about it. Well! Yes! I could and I did, many times but who is interested to read such a story? It is deranging. It is unsettling. It destabilize people’s little world. It unbalance their view, their brainwashed view of the kindness of the government and satellite organizations. Nobody answer, nobody write, nobody speak, nobody comment, nobody help to go forward.

It is a pity!

Oh! By the way! I am writing a book on this. Sure, it will be fiction — can’t really write the truth, isn’t it? — and I know that my readers will say to me that I have a wild imagination… and yet, it will only be the truth.

This young boy who wrote this article shows us that — maybe — somebody care, a little tiny bit. But finally, people will care only if their little life is threatened. People walk around with blindfolds each side of their heads, blind to what unsettle them and to what happens to others. Bullying, from government or in the day-to-day life, for children, young, adults or elders is ignored unless it happens to you and then what? You will be just another anonymous name on the long list of the ghostly victims who haunt the neibourhood, invisible but suffering hell on Earth, helpless, frightened, terrified.

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