Salt and High Blood Pressure

In that article (see link below), it seems that scientists and researchers noticed that people with high blood pressure craves for salt, the  very substance that exacerbates — supposedly — hypertension.

So here is my question. Is anybody would have thought to investigate why? Seriously? Everybody knows that when a pregnant woman is craving for something, it’s because her body needs something that is missing so, why in the world nobody investigate the elements … or the missing elements… that provoke high blood pressure.

They say salt is bad and salt triggers hypertension. My question is, what is missing in the normal function of the body that triggers this dis-ease? Why people craving for salt?

We need salt to live; we are 70%… or so… seawater. Salt is vital but, just think for a moment… would it be because the salt people are using — since the 50’s — is a dead salt. Processed salt is dead, just pure and harmful sodium while real and unrefined sea salt like Celtic and Himalayan salt are full of elements we need to live. If people with high blood pressure crave that much for salt… instead of telling them to cut it, why not look in why they are craving it. Our bodies are craving for what it needs for its survival so… take a good salt full of the elements that sustains us and see…

Our body is a marvellous machine that works with a synergy of multiple elements, sometimes in infinitesimal amount. Our scientists, pharma industries and doctors, on the contrary, are always isolating elements from the synergy which is not often a very good idea as… if a plant — for example — is created with an elemental structure, it is because all the elements are needed together to make it work… the same as with us. We are not a bunch of pieces and parts glued together; we are a whole,  a magnificent agglomeration of energy that vibrates life.

So, instead of panicking on people’s salt craving, just search for the reason and try a switch to healthy and REAL and unadulterated salt… the one that was purely created for us and untouched by the ones who think they are gods and play with the genes of  creation which make us sick.

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