The UN expects Earth’s 10 billionth inhabitant sometime in the early 2050s…????

Is that so?

Something annoys me greatly in all that… I see, in the apps or on the net, a clock that turns like crazy… the birth clock… but nowhere I see a clock for the dead and there is my questionnement.

You read the news and they talk about ~ for exemple ~ the genocide of many population like the Palestinians and Africans, and thousands upon thousands (if not ten of thousands) who died in wars and bombing and massacre and diseases and old age, in land slides, earthquakes and tsunamis… many, many of the babies that are counted as birth will be still born or die at birth or will be dead before reaching their first birthday… hundred of millions (maybe way more) die everyday around our planet and I am not sure how and if they are substracted from the birth clock as she never back up when there is huge amount of death. So… how do they proceed to know exactly how many are now living on Earth? Is this an average birth count from which is substracted an average death amount which don’t really take account of the real death toll?

In what I see, I am doubtful that we are 7.5 billion on this planet as I think that they don’t substract the right amount of dead so the amount of living being on our world is inflated +++++++++

Would it be another way “they” are using to spread more fear and anxieties, saying that there is not enough food and water for everybody? If so, they are wrong… as there is enough to feed more billions of people if the “elite” can stop manipulating our food, our water and health.

What do you think?