Vatican says the fragment of papyrus is “fake”!

The Papyrus… or at least the fragment…

Well! Did they really expect the Vatican to say it is a true one? Come on! Pope and other authorities around him will never, ever admit it, even thought they find something written by Jesus himself (maybe they have in their library). Can you imagine? It will completely destroy the very base of the Christian faith and will – Oh! Horror – allow women to be priests and worst… priest to be married.

It is ridiculous to see at what point they are stuck in old believes and rejecting, with a parochial and narrow-minded attitude, all possibilities of evolution and renewal.

Of course, I don’t say that this document is a real one. I have no knowledge to say so and haven’t even seen it, except like everybody else on this photo. But when I read some of the comments like this one of the editor of L’Osservatore Romano, Gian Maria Vian who said: “In any case, it’s a fake”. And this other one, Professor Francis Watson: “It’s really pretty unlikely that it’s authentic”, I feel they talk as if they have blinders.

Having doubts after such discovery is more than normal, and that scholars and scientist examine the papyrus to determine its authenticity is again, normal but what is annoying me is this attitude of the Vatican to get angry and reject – at the first word – the possibility of a new discovery.

We have to think also that Constantine had written/compiled the bible in the 3rd century. He – if we believe history – and the monks/priests/scholars surrounding him, took all the papers they could find and decided which one was going or not in the book and it seems that they destroyed the rest. The level of translation also might have been not very extensive and it seems that the emperor asked to modify some of the texts as it was not quite pleased with them. And this is without talking about all the Councils that followed where popes (some with already quite a questionable reputation) were modifying the writings at will.

So, what is left from the original texts supposedly written by God? Really?

The Vatican’s reaction of being angry at anything that touch Jesus’ celibate is also dubious – to my point of view. Would it be that they know he was married but erased that fact from the texts because they wanted to have control over the mass? Not having their priests married and be faithful only to them? And mostly, having women reduced to the most abject obedience and stripped of their power? What were they fearing?

Why would it be so wrong that Jesus had been married? And had children?

Remember the Vatican’s irritated reaction when Dan Brown published “The Da Vinci Code”? They were not angry to the fact it was talking about all that conspiracy inside the Vatican, neither of the different sects like the Opus Dei but they were almost explosive to the part where Dan Brown talks about Jesus, his wife and his children.

A bizarre reaction, don’t you think?

There are so many things we don’t know and I am very curious to more discoveries that will open our mind to a glorious – or less glorious – past. There has been so many manipulation of the truth, so many forgeries, so many lies regarding religions.

I knew a man who was at the Vatican. He was in the high hierarchy, near the pope and had access to a big part of the library. He told me that, if only people knew about the knowledge hidden down there, all religions would collapse in a blink of an eye. He told me that there is extremely old, beautiful but dangerous manuscripts with writings that will illuminate everybody and render religions irrelevant.

I wish I could read these manuscripts… it would be wonderful, isn’t it? I just wonder what could be written on them? How old they could be? In which language are they written? And what could be the forbidden knowledge? Is this knowledge could be the famous tree in the Garden of Eden? The tree of Knowledge?

5 Billion $$$ for Army New Camouflages?

WOW! It doesn’t stop, isn’t it? After the many millions for the dresses yesterday now it is 5 billions spent over 8 years for camouflages… and it seems that it is not enough and they are redoing everything again.

5 billions… I can’t believe it.

Yesterday’s dresses were from private money but this… it is out of your taxes… and the american government says that they don’t have money for helping their own people… but spent 5 billions just for a portion of the suits which, it seems, cost hundreds of millions per year.

So… the heck with health stuff for the population, for education, for housing, for environment, for youth and for elders… we are just about to spend another 5 billions for a new wardrobe for our soldiers!


I think that it is an insult to american people intelligence…

But another thing I can’t fathom is the kind of reflexions — at least a big part of them — in the comments. Are people really that numb and dumb? Frightening!–5-billion-dollars–the-army-is-eyeing-these-new-camouflage-patterns.html

5.7 millions $$/30 millions $$$ for a dress???

WOW! I am flabbergasted! 5.7 millions $ for a dress covered by rare black diamonds! Gasp! And they talk about the 30 millions $ for this other one with diamonds. I think it is insane! OK! I agree, these people have money… good for them but why spending 30 millions for a dress? Is that 30 millions could have gone somewhere else?

Can you just imagine what could be done with this amount of money? If those precious ladies just forget for a moment about spending ridiculous amount of money on a dress and “share” these $$ with people in needs? How many people these dresses would feed and help hundreds of thousands of people to eat and have a shelter over their head or how many people would be able to work because a tiny part of this money helped them to start a little business or how many children — little genius whose parents are poor — would be able to study and succeed in life or how many sick people would be able to heal or at least get better or have their life easier…

I found it is insane, indecent to spend this amount of money just for showing of the bank account. And this is just the dress… as with the dress you can’t just wear a simple 500,000$ necklace or a cheap 800,000$ diamond ring or a puny 7,000$ sandal, isn’t it?

Abandon Afghan Baby Found by Soldiers

This article caught my attention this morning and I started to read the comments. I was pleased of some nice comments but I was a bit shocked to see how many people are negative, full of hate and judgemental, how many don’t think for and by themselves but follow the brainwashing that medias and governments flood on the american people.

Many people in these comments accuse the mom but do we really know for sure why the mom left her baby there? A mom is a mom, whatever her nationality and she would not have done that without a reason if it is really her who put the little one there.

Maybe she put it there because she heard the soldiers coming; maybe she was hiding behind rumbles checking to be sure they saw the little one. Anyway, who are we to judge her. We don’t know her reason and her life. Maybe she died giving birth and somebody put the baby there to have the soldiers or somebody taking her. If the person who did that wanted the baby to be dead, they would not have wrapped her in a towel and not have put her on the road to be seen. They would just have let her to die hidden in the ruins strewn all around.

We had and still have a lot of women in our countries who abandon their babies, isn’t it? Many in churches or hospitals or orphenages or even on the street in garbage bags so, what is different?

The Afghan people — as well as several other countries in Middle East — are suffering tremendously. These people are like us.They love and they cry, they work hard and they have big dreams of peace and bright future, they love their wife/husband/children.

OK! They don’t have the same religion as you and their “god” is saying pretty violent things but… have you read your bible with all this violence and battles and killings and murdering of babies your “god” asked his people and angels to do? Have you read your history books to see all the miseries and killing and atrocious tortures your religion has done just because somebody didn’t have the exact same point of view as the pope or the priests? And should we talk about the cases of pedophilia and beating in schools? Well… nobody is perfect, isn’t it? But it seems that it is human to see the straw in other peopl eye but not seeing the big 10×10 beam in ours,
They have fear and hate, like us and until the day we all realize they are humans with emotions exactly like us, there will be hate and wars. People can have different ways of life, they might not eat like you or have the same way to do something but that doesn’t mean they are not human. Those people are bombed, killed, have everything they have destroyed, they come back home after work to find their home to the ground, their families killed, they see the bodies of their children dismantled and full of blood, they hold their little dead bodies in their arms and you expect them to be happy, serene and non-violent?

Come on, people, wake up and give your head a shake.

Oh! By the way, I am very happy that the little girl found a nice home and wonderful loving parents in her country. Wish her a beautiful life and hope she and her new parents will be protected from the drones bombs.–abc-news-topstories.html

What is wrong in this pattern?

Might not be a completely new one but I found this video on YouTube. Title: Mocking Jesus on Israeli TV.

Well! So, if I understand well this process, the jews are allowed to mock Jesus publicly, to consider all the non-jew living beings on Earth as useless and to genocide palestinians and all this is OK, but if somebody look at them a bit with a dark eye or a with mumbling tongue, that poor guy is called an anti-semite.

And if somebody say something against the muslim prophet Mahomet — even though they could be right — than their is howling, yelling, bombs and murders all over the world. But, if something as ugly as this video is on the web against somebody else religious or sacred personna, nobody react.

Hear me well, I am not a Christian neither than a Muslim but I just ask myself a lot of questions here and what happened these last days just reafirm my theory that religions and religious beliefs are the very base of wars. And it is so sad.

Many caricatures and wrong saying has been published against Buddha, Indian deities, Christian deities, etc… and no wars were started because of this so what is the problem?

I tried to download this video on my page here but it doesn’t work so, here is the link:



An asteroid crash gave Earth water? Really?

Why is water would have to come from elsewhere? And the water from this elsewhere came from where? Another elsewhere? So, where the water came from the first elsewhere?

I am surely not talking from a religious point of view and I am far from to be a creationist  but what I questioned is all those “theories”. They might be kind of scientific but not always logic.

It is OK to have a virus or a bacteria coming embedded in a meteorite or an asteroid but water? How can an asteroid brings all that gizzigizillion tons of water in one shot? And water is not reproducing like a virus. Oh! You will say the evaporation creating clouds and creating rain… OK! But… to have clouds and to have rain, you need to have the right environment already (and if you already have the right environment, why would you not already have water), you need the right constituents on the planet to keep this water from evaporating, you need an atmosphere, a canopy of some sort, you need the right components, you need the right amount of oxygen and hydrogen, etc… and all of this is not coming just from an asteroid crashing somewhere on the planet. On the contrary. An asteroid of this size would have damaged the canopy, brought more chaos in a world in formation or maybe already formed. It would have disrupted everything.

To fill our planet with all that water or with enough water to create a drastic change in the constitution of our planet, the asteroid should have been so big and sooo heavy that it would have destroy, shattered Earth to pieces.

Or maybe it was just a gigantic intelligent water bubble wandering in the universe in a quest of finding a planet to pee on.

It is good to lay unusual theories and I have nothing against originality and weird stuff — on the contrary — but you need to keep linked to reality and to faisability unless you take these theories and write scienfiction/fantasy adventures.

So, I am looking forward to hear more about this new theory!

Artist rendering of this asteroid impact





Do they really think they will shut up people? That people and journalists will just be sheepos and crawlers?

They want YOU to NOT KNOW you are eating contaminated food.

They want these companies to continue to sell contaminated crap to you.

They just want $$$ in their pockets and they do not give a damn about your health.

They want you to not be aware of diseases around your living place so YOU CAN’T protect yourself or your children.

Is it what we really want from our government? They are invading our privacy more and more everyday… will we continue to let them do? With this and the law 78… they want to have complete control over us, complete control about our life and liberties and freedom…. and the only right we will have — if we let them do — will be the right of a slave population, a population of robots.

WAKE UP… while it still time