Vitamin D and cancer

I am asking myself a question though. They say, in the article that they took healthy women to do the study… so, if they are healthy they don’t have cancer so… how can there be 60% decrease in cancers over only 4 years if, at the beginning, they didn’t have any?  And this statement is a bit disconcerting: Considering just the last three years of the study reveals an impressive 77 percent reduction in cancer due to supplementation. So, it is 60 or 77% and… it was only a 4 years study, how can the 3 last years could reveal such an impressive result on people who didn’t have any cancer to begin with few years before!

Hear me well, I strongly believe in vitamin D supplementation but, or the sentence is not well formulated or something is wrong in some studies.

And of course, the cancer society refute the information… if everybody takes vitamin D, they will not have cancer or way less so… no more gizillion of dollars coming in their already fat pockets and they will have hidden the long time existing cures for nothing because, yes, those cure exist and one day, they will pop in full day and nobody or so, in the near future I hope, will have to suffer from the agony of cancer or see dear ones dying in horrible suffering.

Hope the link will work… enjoy